Beginning a #YouthQuake in SRHR!

Welcome to our Powerful Youth Space Driven by Advocacy, Access & Agency

SAT Regional Youth Hubs were launched on 12 August 2018, International Youth Day! Since the inception, the programme is geared towards providing supportive spaces (physical and virtual) to bring together a collection of activists and change-agents in sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and gender equality. Exciting developments in the programme have provided much-needed insight into global calls for meaningful youth engagement.


The primary purpose of our Hubs is to bring together like-minded young activists to convene, network and collaborate around SRHR advocacy issues in the region. The Hubs operate in each of our countries (Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe), however we also understand the need to include all youth and have virtual Hubs which attract young leaders from across the continent including Madagascar, South Sudan and Tanzania. Our Hubs carry out large-scale out of the box initiatives and as they evolve their continued impact is seen at the grassroots level also extending to policy spaces.


Global calls for meaningful engagement have shaped and are inherent to our efforts in supporting youth advocacy in the SRHR space. In the past year we have provided support and ensured youth voices are amplified at high-level policy, spaces, programmatic discussions but also community/ district activity. Although, we have also placed emphasis on providing ongoing support to ensure youth have the capacity to engage in high level discussions at the United Nations and African Union level but have also focused on post conference/ meeting engagement e.g. report writing and the development of other professional skills.

Our ultimate vision is to create a cadre of leaders who will be bold and revolutionary!

The third arm of our programme is central to pushing for youth advocacy. We have developed cutting-edge curricular to harness youth power, provoke critical thinking and action on the front of changing the SRHR landscape in the region and in the world. We hold a series of training at a regional level but will also be expanding to country contexts with the aim of allowing youth to shape the needs and responses.

SAT is a firm supporter of bolstering youth voices and spaces. Shifting present SRHR and gender dynamics is dependent on youth driven and led activism, advocacy and youth being supported to be change-agents.